New Issue
   TIAN Jing-zhuo, LIANG Ai-hua, LIU Jing and ZHANG Bo-li
Risk control of traditional Chinese medicines containing aristolochis acids (AAs) based on influencing factors of content of AAs
2017,Vol.42(24):4679.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1091k)]
   LI Peng-yue, DU Shou-ying, LU Yang and CHEN Xiao-nan
Bio-adhesive drug delivery system and its application in traditional Chinese medicine
2017,Vol.42(24):4687.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1216k)]
   YU Hao and DU Jian-ling
Pharmacological actions and mechanism of saponins from Dioscorea nipponica
2017,Vol.42(24):4694.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1063k)]
   YOU Liang-zhen, LIN Yi-xuan, FANG Zhao-hui, SHEN Guo-ming, ZHAO Jin-dong and WANG Ting-ting
Research advances on astragaloside-IV in treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications pharmacological effects
2017,Vol.42(24):4700.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1030k)]
   LIU Rong-hua, LIN Shuai, ZHANG Pu-zhao, CHEN Lan-ying, HUANG Hui-lian, MEI Dan-yi, HU Shao-jie and SHAO Feng
Neoflavonoids and their pharmacological activities in Dalbergia genus
2017,Vol.42(24):4707.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1490k)]
   XU Jun, WANG Kui-long, CAO Ze-yu, CAO Liang, WANG Zhen-zhong and XIAO Wei
Antagonistic effect of ginkgolide homologues on PAF-induced platelet aggregation and neuroprotective effect
2017,Vol.42(24):4716.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1630k)]
   WANG Kui-long, LI Zhuo-qiong, CAO Ze-yu, KE Zhi-peng, CAO Liang, WANG Zhen-zhong and XIAO Wei
Effects of ginkgolide A, B and K on platelet aggregation
2017,Vol.42(24):4722.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1342k)]
   TAO Xiao-qian, CAO Ze-yu, CAO Liang and XIAO Wei
Effects of ginkgolide K on platelet aggregation activity and neuroprotection
2017,Vol.42(24):4727.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2602k)]
   LUO Yan-ping, ZHANG Hong, HU Han-fei, CAO Ze-yu, ZHANG Xin-zhuang, CAO Liang, WANG Zhen-zhong and XIAO Wei
Protective effects of Ginkgo Terpene Lactones Meglumine Injection on focal cerebral ischemia in rats
2017,Vol.42(24):4733.  [Abstract]  [PDF (965k)]
   LI Zhuo-qiong, CAO Ze-yu, CAO Liang, KE Zhi-peng, WANG Zhen-zhong and XIAO Wei
Cerebral vascular protective effect of ginkgo diterpene lactone meglumine injection
2017,Vol.42(24):4738.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1444k)]
   ZHOU Li, GAO Ying, LAI Xin-xing, XU Tian-shu, YU Ming, WANG Yan, ZHAO Jian-jun and TAN Zi-hu
Post-marketing study on clinical safety of ginkgo diterpene lactone meglumine injection in 6 300 patients with ischemic stroke
2017,Vol.42(24):4744.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1800k)]
   WANG Zhi-guo, WANG Dan-qiao, JIAO Yue, TIAN Xin and SUN Ming-yu
Stroke, platelet activating factor and receptor antagonists
2017,Vol.42(24):4750.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1019k)]
   ZHANG Ai-hua, LEI Feng-jie, FU Jun-fan, ZHOU Ru-jun and ZHANG Lian-xue
Influence of exogenous ginsenosides on new forest soil microbial communities
2017,Vol.42(24):4756.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1141k)]
   JIN Yan, YAO Jun-na, GE Xiao-guang, ZHANG Zhi-jie, LI Rao-rao, FENG Xue-feng and SHI Jin-min
Morphological and microscopical identification of Genkwa Ramulus and its adulterants
2017,Vol.42(24):4762.  [Abstract]  [PDF (4049k)]
   LIU Cong, WU Jia-liang, ZHAO Na, SUN Jian, SHEN Xiao-xia and WANG Zhi-an
Correlation analysis between quality and habitat phenotype of Hovenia acerba
2017,Vol.42(24):4769.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1794k)]
   HAO Li-shan, GAO Yu-gang, ZANG Pu, ZHAO Yan, HE Zhong-mei, ZHU Hong-yan, YANG He, LIU Shang-li, LIU Jing-ting and ZHANG Lian-xue
Study on early screening of high saponin ginseng lines
2017,Vol.42(24):4775.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2068k)]
   JIANG La, XU Huan-hua, JIANG Zhen-hong, YANG Shi-han, SHI Qiao-li, MA Zeng-chun, GAO Yue and CHEN Zhi-wu
Quality of realgar and its influencing factors based on toxicity
2017,Vol.42(24):4782.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1660k)]
   ZHANG Gui-jie, DAI Lu-mei, ZHANG Bin, ZHANG Yong-li, WANG Heng-shan and LIANG Dong
Studies on chemical constituents of Clerodendrum bungei
2017,Vol.42(24):4788.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1328k)]
   DU Dong-sheng, CHENG Zhi-hong and CHEN Dao-feng
Anti-complement alkaloids from whole plants of Viola yedoensis
2017,Vol.42(24):4794.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1298k)]
   WANG Lu, YANG Hua, XIE Guo-xiang and JIA Wei
Determination of mycotoxins in pu-erh tea, black tea, and green tea samples
2017,Vol.42(24):4801.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1278k)]
   GOU Yan-mei, ZHONG Shi-hong, GU Rui, ZHAO Can and YANG Chun-sheng
Determination of eight components in Lamiophlomis rotate by UPLC method and preliminary study on influencing factors of contents
2017,Vol.42(24):4807.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1340k)]
   DU Bao-xiang, XIANG Mei-rong, FU Ye-pei, JIANG Hai-qiang, GONG Li-li and RONG Rong
Structural characterization of Glehniae Radix polysaccharides using partial acid hydrolysis-hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
2017,Vol.42(24):4814.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1770k)]
   ZHU Li-yun, GAO Yong-sheng, SONG Lin-zhen, LI Su-fang and QIAN Jun-qing
Research on improving memory impairment of blue lavender volatile oil
2017,Vol.42(24):4819.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1599k)]
   ZHANG Zhao-yan, YANG Liang, HUANG Xiao-yan, WANG Mei-xi, MA Zeng-chun, TANG Xiang-lin, WANG Yu-guang and GAO Yue
Transcriptional regulation effect of THSG and anthraquinones in tubers of Polygonum multiflorum based on human progesterone X receptor (PXR) mediated CYP3A4 rapid screening system
2017,Vol.42(24):4827.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2017k)]
   WANG Gang, LIU Ying, HOU Xue-feng, KE Zhong-cheng, FENG Liang and JIA Xiao-bin
Prevention effect of Ligusticum chuanxiong extraction against oxidative stress injury induced by myocardial ischemia through activation of Nrf2 signaling pathway
2017,Vol.42(24):4834.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2386k)]
   CHEN Ming, WANG Ju-tao, GAO Hua-wu, LEI Sheng-ping and ZHU Yong-heng
Total flavonoids in Scutellaria barbata prevents NLRP3 inflammasome expression in tumor cells by affecting autologous pathway
2017,Vol.42(24):4841.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2087k)]
   WANG Bo-lin, XUAN Ling, DAI Shi-jie, JI Li-ting, LI Chang-yu and YANG Yuan-xiao
Protective effect of β-asarone on AD rat model induced by intracerebroventricular injection of Aβ1-42 combined 2-VO and its mechanism
2017,Vol.42(24):4847.  [Abstract]  [PDF (4177k)]
   LIU Wu-ping, LI Chan-yi, HUANG Jing, LIAO Jing-zhu, MA Wen-jie, CHEN Hong-yuan and RUI Wen
Identification of biomarkers in urine of rats with spleen Qi deficiency and biological significance
2017,Vol.42(24):4855.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3453k)]
   REN Jing-na, RAO Ben-long, MA Hong-xin, SHA Mao-mao, KUANG Yi and XU Zheng-xin
Effects of isovitexin on transient outward potassium current of ventricular myocytes in rats
2017,Vol.42(24):4864.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2043k)]
   GUAN Yong-mei, ZHU Wei-feng, GUAN Xue-jing, LIAO Zheng-gen, ZHAO Guo-wei, DONG Wei and LIANG Xin-li
Effect investigation of coumarin constituents in Angelica dahurica on pharmacokinetics of docetaxel by LC-MS
2017,Vol.42(24):4870.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1364k)]
   WANG Hai-yan, JIANG Liang-duo, MA Qing, XU Dong, TANG Shi-huan and LUO Zeng-gang
Analysis of clinical characteristics of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Professor Jiang Liangduo's theory of “sanjiao meridian stasis”
2017,Vol.42(24):4875.  [Abstract]  [PDF (2109k)]
   WU Xiu-xia, LI Xian, DANG Zhong-qin, LUO Wen-zhao, ZHAO Chang-pu and YU Kun
Clinical therapy of Zisheng decoction recipe for chronic atrophic gastritis with intestinal metaplasia
2017,Vol.42(24):4882.  [Abstract]  [PDF (982k)]
   BAI Jun-shuang, ZHANG Qing-chuan, GUO Dan-dan, ZHENG Hu-zhan, SHI Jin-li and GUO Jian-you
Clinical study on compound prescription with Valerianae Jatamansi Rhizoma et Radix in treatment of generalized anxiety disorder
2017,Vol.42(24):4888.  [Abstract]  [PDF (979k)]
   HE Ting-ting, WANG Jia-bo, BAI Zhao-fang, GUO Yu-ming, NIU Ming, ZHU Yun, JING Jing, GONG Man and XIAO Xiao-he
Guidelines for clinical diagnosis and treatment of herb-induced liver injury
2017,Vol.42(24):4893.  [Abstract]  [PDF (1220k)]
   LIU Zhi-min, ZHAO Ji-feng, QIN Song-yun, LIU Xiang, WANG Chang-hua, ZHANG Zhi-wei, LUO Wei-zao and ZHONG Guo-yue
Resources and usage status of Tibetan medicinal plant “Bangga”
2017,Vol.42(24):4898.  [Abstract]  [PDF (995k)]
   ZHAO Xiao-ping, YU Yun-ru, LI Xue, SHAO Qing, WANG Yi-min, ZHAO Tao, ZHAO Chao, ZHAO Bu-chang, WANG Yue-fei and WANG Yi
Establishment pharmacological research platform for “Concurrent treatment of the brain and heart” and its application on dissecting mechanism of Danhong injection
2017,Vol.42(24):4905.  [Abstract]  [PDF (3895k)]
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